Bungee Jump in Poroy

You’ll be picked up at your hotel or hostel in Cusco at the hour of your choice and we’ll depart for Peru’s first extreme sports park, Action Valley Adventure Park in Poroy. The drive takes only about 24 minutes. Once their, you’ll don your bungee gear, a specially-designed and imported elastic chord secured to your ankles and a body harness attached to security webbing, which in turn is attached to the chord. The security webbing, in addition to added protection, prevents the bungee cord from stretching more than its intended capacity, which is exactly 107 meters, with a weight resistance of 2 tons. Then you just need to prepare yourself for taking the big leap! In order to guarantee your safety and the optimal condition of our equipment, each jump is registered and the cords permanently retired (cut into pieces and rendered unusable) after a limited number of jumps. It will take about 10-15 minutes to adscend on the hydraulic winch in the holding cage. Once you’re at a height of 122 meters and securely strapped to bungee cord, security webbing, and body harness, it’s your moment to fly in the Andes! You’ll exit through the lateral doors of the holding cage into the open air, at all moments with the security of knowing that you can rely on the bungee cord plus additional safety measures. If you desire, you can jump in tandem, which is to say jointly with the instructor. This tour has an approximate duration of 2 hours.


  • Specialized Extreme Sports Equipment
  • Round-Trip Transport: Cusco – Poroy


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