Bird watching in Huacarpay Lake

Birding at Lake Huacarpay

We pick you up at your hotel in Cusco and headed south of the city with lunch at the lagoon Huacarpay. Here we will see a variety of high Andean waterfowl including the Marbled Ginger (Anas flavirostris), Marbled Colorada (cinnamon teal) and the Marbled Puna (Puna Teal), Malvasia Reddish (Oxyura ferruginea), and other beautiful birds associated with wetlands. Sapling grebe (white-tufted grebe), Whitey grebe (Podiceps occipitalis) and the Andean Coot (Fulica ardesiaca), Rascón Gallineta (Plumbeous Rail) will be here too. Depending on the time of year North American migratory birds shirts may be present. Good birds here include Thrush Cabeciamarillo (yellow-headed blackbird), Negrito Andino (Andean Negrito), sietecolores (Tachuris rubrigastra) and Junquero (Phleocryptes melanops), Morito Puna (Puna Ibis). Other raptors also be high on our list of search, such as Red-backed Buzzard (variable hawk), Aleto Falcon (Falco femoralis) and the Eagle Mora (black-chested buzzard-eagle). In our list of targets today will be the endemic Canastero Frentirrufo (Asthenes ottonis) and the beautiful endemic of course Hummingbird Noble (Oreonympha nobilis) will be feeding on the tree snuff (Nicotiana sp.) With Hummingbird Gigante (giant hummingbird), and Hummingbird colilarga Minor (Lesbia nuna). The Peruvian Yal, commoner and Pechinegro also will add to our list the chirigüe olivaceo (greenish yellow finch) and Tangara Naranjera (Pipraeidea bonariensis). In the afternoon we will return to Cusco.


  • Ground transportation
  • Lunch in the day (Hucarpay)
  • Water during the day
  • specializing in bird watching guide.


  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Personal expenses.


  • Comfortable shoes
  • Rain coat or poncho
  • Sweater or coat for the morning
  • Professional Binocular.